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I Aten’t Dead

Just without home net access until tomorrow – moved house last week. Normal posting resumes tomorrow.

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Ada Lovelace Day: Enid Mumford

I committed to writing a thing for Ada Lovelace Day, a day in which people are meant to blog about a woman they admire in the technology field, before realising I would be spending the day in Edinburgh, so this … Continue reading

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More Helpful Answers To Lost Searchers

Being the second in an occasional series for people who’ve got here looking for things I haven’t yet helped them with. Here are search terms that have arrived here in the last week, and my advice to them: what film … Continue reading

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99.873% of statistics are made up

Today I was involved in a Twitter argument with two Prominent Liberal Democrat Bloggers. I’ll leave their names and the precise details of the argument out, because it’s not germane (and also because I may inadvertantly misrepresent one of them … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s playlist link

For some reason no matter what I do WordPress will not actually allow the posting of spotify links using a href= tags. So the link itself is spotify:user:stealthmunchkin:playlist:6s4DKxeEadvf5vCKZyCqNC . In other ‘news’, having been fairly critical of Liberal Conspiracy the … Continue reading

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This Week I Are Be Mostly Listening To…

This is the start proper of a new feature for this blog, where I’ll create a 50-song spotify playlist and share it along with my comments. This week’s one is quite simple – I just took the fifty songs I’ve … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 15/03/09

A few quick links here. Our home net access will be fixed tomorrow morning, so normal service will resume then… Eddie Campbell has his daughter Hayley Campbell’s review of the film of Watchmen, along with a few comments of his … Continue reading

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