Linkblogging for 27/02/09

Sorry for the lack of posts this week – I’ve ended up working late most days, and been too tired to write when I got in, and Holly and I have been flathunting. With some luck I’ll have a post up tomorrow about the Convention on Modern Liberty, and a Cerebus post on Sunday. Meanwhile, have some links.

Bobsy has another pair of underpants.

Several people are infuriated by the racism of the Mail this week, including Laurie, Anton Vowl and Jennie. Meanwhile Andrew Rilstone is pointing out a similar lovely piece from the Express.

James at Quaequam blog has a post which manages to be about British politics, comics and (tangentially at least) Doctor Who.

Calamity Jon Morris has been tagged for a meme

And a very interesting article in SciAm where, if you can get past the misrepresentations in the text itself and look at the research it’s talking about, it seems to be suggested that hereditary mechanisms other than purely genetic ones operate, allowing the selection of acquired characteristics. I’ve not looked at the actual papers themselves yet though, but this seems… unusual, to say the least.

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