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Very quick one here – I’ve just updated the links in the sidebar to include at least seven blogs I’ve meant to link for *months* (estoreal, quaequam blog, penny red, chicken yoghurt, vibrational match, doctor k and the factual opinion – I may have added more, I can’t remember).

I read a lot more blogs than I have in my sidebar – I link only those I think readers might be interested in, but I also miss linking a lot that I know should be there. Can anyone remember any blogs I’ve linked to multiple times in my linkblogging posts that *aren’t* there and should be?

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4 Responses to Sidebar links

  1. RAB says:

    Cheers for that — and this ought to motivate me to do something worthy of the honor and have a blog worth linking to…

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the link Andrew!

  3. No need for thanks – apart from anything else I suspect you both drive more traffic to my site than you’ll get from it :-/

  4. Tucker Stone says:

    Ha, i’ve had my “people you probably should be reading instead” links thing in the draft portion of the page for something like 6 months now. Good reminder I should get to it, and thanks for the hook up.

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