Linkblogging for 08/02/09

Sorry for the delay in getting my last couple of Final Crisis Week posts up – they’ll be up tomorrow and Tuesday. This weekend has been a lot busier than I thought – yesterday alone involved disappearing estate agents, meeting two Daleks, people juggling fire, getting on the wrong train, a samba band and far more walking uphill than I normally do in a month. Here’s some links to last you til tomorrow…

Jonathan at Liberal England argues that “the credit crunch will do for Margaret Thatcher’s reputation“. Personally, I think her policies *never* looked ‘inevitable’ or ‘sensible’, as he claims they did until recently. The problem with Thatcherism wasn’t the collapse of British industry under her watch but, as MatGB was saying to me yesterday, the fact that it happened with no safety net at all for the millions upon millions of people whose lives were made inconceivably worse.

Brad Hicks on the current economic catastrophe and Obama’s ineffectual attempts to stop it.

The third Carnival On Modern Liberty is up at LibDem Voice.

Jennie talks about how Derek Draper doesn’t get blogging.

And Alix talks about cars.

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