Linkblogging for 06/02/09

Sorry for the temporary hiatus in Final Crisis Week yesterday – I discovered that the local IMAX was showing a double bill of both Batman films for nine quid, and so that was five hours of the day gone… I was going to make up for it this morning, but then realised I can’t write in the mornings.
(BTW, I’m building to something with those posts – the fact that the last couple have been sidetracks, as will the next one, shouldn’t let you think I don’t have a point…)

Anyway, linkage:

The Mindless Ones continue their group look at Final Crisis 7. Doctor K also has some thoughts on this.

(Does anyone else think that it’d be a really fun, if totally impractical, idea to do a ‘The Internet On Final Crisis’ (or even On Morrison) book collecting these things? There *must* be several books worth of stuff scattered over a dozen blogs, and some of it’s mind-blowingly good…)

Holly talks about her favourite interpretation of quantum physics.

Laurie Penny has declared the next ten days to be National Take A Photo Of A Policeman Day, which I would be joining in with if I wasn’t the only person I know to own *no* image recording devices at all…

Brian Hibbs has some stuff on Diamond’s recent decision not to stock comics below a fairly high level of expected sales (note for non-comics people, Diamond is the distributor that has an effective total monopoly on comics as individual issues, and a huge chunk of the collected edition market).

And from The Daily Mash – “CUTS in school music budgets could lead to a cataclysmic surge in Coldplay, Ofsted has warned.”

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  1. Zom says:

    I’ve been thinking about putting a book together for ages – not sure how practical or sensible it would be, but I like the idea

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