Linkblogging for 03/02/09

Many on the left have debated whether to support the recent strikes, out of solidarity with the working class, or condemn them for their anti-immigrant slogans. I’ve worried about that myself. The news that they’re being organised by a front for the Bastard Nazi Party certainly makes that decision easier (hat tip Laurie Penny…)

Marc Singer has the most intelligent negative review of Final Crisis I’ve seen. He’s also, unfortunately, giving up blogging. Luckily, he’s writing a book on Morrison, which could well be the definitive word on the subject if his blog posts are anything to go by. Doctor K, meanwhile, has a more positive review, as do the Mindless Ones.

Bob Temuka has a post about the fascination Jeph Loeb exerts despite everything (something I can sympathise with – even though they’re terrible comics, I have his entire run on Superman/Batman and get *something* out of it in a way I don’t from many much better comics).

Gavin B has a post on small press comics.

Alix over at Lib Dem Voice has a rather smart look at Nick Clegg’s tactics at Prime Minister’s Questions, while Stephen lists 25 random things about the Lib Dems.

And Holly has a post about wooly writing at New Scientist coming across as anti-science.

ETA Andrew Rilstone, one of my very favourite bloggers, has sort-of resurrected his pre-blog site, which now holds most of his best longer pieces here. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s always fascinating reading, and someone I admire as a writer a great deal. Read his stuff.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging for 03/02/09

  1. Does Marc mention that in his post? I must’ve missed it – I’d certainly like a peek between those covers.

  2. Yeah – toward the end of the post: “I’ve decided to bite the bullet and write that Morrison book that’s been pushing itself into blog form for the last five years.”

    Almost makes it worth him stopping blogging if that comes out…

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