Linkblogging for 31/01/09

Apologies for the lack of posts recently – I’ve been helping out with the local council byelection (we gained votes from both Labour and the Tories, even though the Tories did their hardest campaigning in years in this ward) and I’ve also had some extremely bad stuff going on in my personal life, which I don’t want to talk about here.
I will review Final Crisis 7 tomorrow, and if everything goes OK I should be back to blogging normally next week – I *hope*.

Anyway, linkage:

Alix at the People’s Republic Of Mortimer has some thought provoking comments on the line between localism and xenophobia, and also has a wonderful post about the use of jargon in Focus leaflets. I don’t know why that site isn’t in my sidebar yet… I must work on that at some point.

Everyone at the Savage Critics has reviewed FC7, pretty much, so I’ll just link to the site again rather than to individual reviews, as they’re all worth reading.

Mark Waid continues talking about how to write comics – this week part one of the proposal.

James at Quaequam Blog has more on the fascist Coroners and Justice Bill (I am not using fascist in the sense of “that’s so fascist!” here, but as literal truth. This law sets in place the final elements for a police state and also destroys the rule of law…)

Brad Hicks has a fascinating post on the WPA and why it has a bad reputation.

And David at Vibrational Match is finally showing us the larger theme he’s been working on in his series of connected posts…

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  1. Whatever’s up personally, Andrew, I certainly hope that – and I know it mayn’t count for much, this, but nonetheless – it can be resolved as well as possible. Best to you.

  2. Thanks. It *does* mean a lot. FWIW, it looks like things *will* get better, and they’re already better enough that I can actually think and write today. Thanks for the concern though – it really does help.

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