Linkblogging for 22/01/09

We’re going out tonight, so I don’t have time to do a review of Superman Beyond 3D until tomorrow (suffice to say I now know what I want on my gravestone, should I die). In the meantime, some quick links:

Pillock and the Mindless ones talk about how great I am. There’s some other stuff in there, about comics and libertarianism and Fukuyama, but I think what everyone will take away from it is that basically, I’m great.

Jon Morris does a comic of one day in his life. Featuring Daleks, ducks and Aquaman.

Fred Pohl’s started blogging. Here’s the story of his recent book, a collaboration with the late Arthur C Clarke.

Oskar Morgenstern’s account of Kurt Godel’s application for US citizenship. Includes Einstein’s cruel practical jokes.

And Mark Waid talks about how to do a pitch to a comic editor, and includes the sample pitch he wrote for an Aquaman series.

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