Quick Blog Recommendation – Tearoom Of Despair

Someone called Bob Temuka has just started a comic blog that those of you who like my writing about comics will definitely enjoy. Only discovered his blog today in my trackbacks, and it looks like he’s not been doing it very long, but there’s some good stuff on there. Check it out

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5 Responses to Quick Blog Recommendation – Tearoom Of Despair

  1. Zom says:

    Wow. Yep, that guy is definitely on the team. His posts read like something I’d expect to see on my very own site.

  2. Bob Temuka says:

    Thanks, Andrew. I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks now, after years of lurking around other people’s groovy comic sites. I just figured it was about time I actually joined in the conversation.

  3. Bob Temuka says:

    Oh, and Zom? It was totally the founding of the Mindless Ones that gave me the final push to actually go ahead and do it. Nice one, mate.

  4. Oh, brilliant. I really like your site too, Bob.

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