Linkblogging for 19/01/09

A number of people have been posting tributes to Patrick McGoohan – all talking, of course, about The Prisoner. Here’s a selection ofthem

(Fewer people have been paying tribute to Tony Hart, but Richard Herring sums it up quite well – “Everyone’s reaction was the same, a vocalised and instinctive “oh” of disappointment”)

Via Chris Bird, a wonderful collection of Polish posters that in most cases are much more interesting than the films they’re for.

Don Paskini talks about William Hague’s promotion.

And pillock has two pieces which say things I want to say. One, on how TV stations can’t even make proper crap any more, actually sums up a lot of my thoughts about Doctor Who old and new, while the other is just a short piece pointing out that Richard Dawkins is a prick, but any excuse to slag off Dawkins some more is all right with me…

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