Linkblogging for 17/01/09

I’m still far busier than I expected this week, so I’m still behind on my email correspondence – apologies to those who’ve emailed me recently.

Anyway, in lieu of a longer post, here’s some links:

Debi writes about Thomas Hariot – the most pioneering scientist you’ve never heard of.

Bobsy shows us his pants.

Over on Lib Dem Voice they’re talking about what the ‘liberal attitude to immigration’ should be. Some of the comments there make sense, but some are horribly, nastily racist. Let them know what you think…

People buying tube tickets will soon be automatically giving their consent to be searched by transport police. Well, that’s one more reason for me to avoid That London…

An interesting post about the Einstein/Bohr dialogue about quantum physics.

Cerebus: A Diablog continue their reading of the greatest comic series in history.

Andy Partridge discussing how Jack Kirby influenced one of his songs. (Surprising, because Partridge has always struck me as more of a DC person, and here he’s talking about Ant-Man. Still, it’s another example of XTC and comics, two of my favourite things, overlapping).

Free comic stories by Rick Veitch and Mark Evanier and Tom Yeates and some others.

And pillock has an excellent post on From Hell.

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  1. Tilt Araiza says:

    I think Partridge’s comics knowledge wider than just straightforward DC/Marvel. I can’t find my copy of Song Stories, but I’m sure in there he mentions reading issues of Mr. A to clear his head before concerts, which leads to his “Mr. Ditko was right/Mr. A so near” lyric on ‘New Broom’.

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