Linkblogging for 06/01/09

I’d hoped to do another proper post today, but exhaustion is getting the better of me (for some reason I didn’t sleep last night, and I’ve done a couple of longer-than-normal days at work this week). I also owe p(il)lo(c)k at least two comments and an email, which will have to wait until I’m coherent…

From the Grauniad – Vicar has ‘horrifying’ statue of crucifixion removed from church:

“We’re all about hope, encouragement and the joy of the Christian faith. We want to communicate good news, not bad news, so we need a more uplifting and inspiring symbol than execution on a cross.”

I’m sure I’ve heard that before

Amypoodle at the Mindless Ones has an absolutely astounding extrapolation of one panel from Batman #666, detailing the Joker of the future. Which reminds me, I must get back to my own thoughts on Batman – it’s been a little while again…

The great Rick Veitch has been posting drawings over at his blog. Here’s one of his dream comics (and I *must* write about those, too, at some point) involving Alan Moore, while here is Dave Sim’s cubist period.

The blogging platform Livejournal has just sacked half its staff. This is a shame, as LJ is in many ways the blogging platform/social network with the most possibilities, but it’s been consistently mismanaged for years – there’s a reason I’ve stopped using it, and rarely even look at my friends list any more (a shame as there are actually some great people on there, some of whom I’ve linked on my blogroll).

Kevin Church has an excerpt from ‘Marvels 3

And finally, there’s the Convention On Modern Liberty, which I would be promoting even were my mate Dave not organising the Manchester branch of the event (although watch out for the page if you’re on a slow machine – there’s a ton of embedded Youtube videos that slowed my old laptop down so much I had to drop to terminal mode to kill the browser). This looks like the biggest conference on human rights and liberty issues in the broadest sense for decades, bringing together every major group and publication from the liberal left and libertarian right. The main partners are NO2ID, Amnesty International, Liberal Conspiracy and Unlock Democracy, but everyone from the TUC to the sodding Countryside Alliance of all people is involved, by way of the Grauniad, the Fabian Society, Private Eye and the Campaign For An English Parliament. I may even go down to That London for this rather than go to the Manchester event – it looks like it could be a major, major event.

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4 Responses to Linkblogging for 06/01/09

  1. MatGB says:

    I’m also torn about the Convention, Manchester is a definite option, seeing about getting one in Yorkshire is possible, but going down to London for it also appeals.

    I was a lot more worried that the CEP was involved than the CA, but ultimately freedom means supporting the right to speak of certifiable loons as well as huntin’ and shootin’ types.

    Oh yeah, Flashblock—the essential plugin for all low spec machines or slow internet connections.

  2. Andrew Hickey says:

    Let me know which you’re going to, as that’ll probably factor into my choice… and I like that both the CEP and CA are involved – it makes it a true broad church…

    I use flashblock on Firefox/Iceweasel, but I opened that page in Epiphany, which doesn’t support that plugin :-/

  3. Dave Page says:

    Matt – I believe that Yorkshire NO2ID co-ordinator James Elsdon-Baker is planning on a break-out session in Leeds.

  4. guyaitchison says:

    Hi everyone and thanks Andrew for the nice link to the CML (have added it to our list of clippings). I’m glad you agree about the need for a broad church – not everyone does:

    We hope to have more info up on the regional and national meetings soon so that might help your decision.


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