Linkblogging for 02/01/09

I had to leave work early today with an ear infection that’s left me (temporarily, I sincerely hope) almost deaf, so whether there’s a Big Finish A Week today depends on my hearing….

Tom Spurgeon’s been doing a great series of interviews with comics people, whether creators like Eddie Campbell or bloggers like Tucker Stone. All are worth reading, but the best one so far is the interview with Abhay, who shows again why the rest of us regard him with slack-jawed awe. I kept changing my mind about which paragraph was worth quoting here, because they *all* are, but this gives a flavour:

I don’t know, though. The biggest comic company in the country’s highest profile series of the year was about religious fanatics blowing themselves up because their religion tells them they’re entitled to a specific parcel of occupied property, where the heroes tell the religious people that the heroes’ white-skinned God will lead them to victory, where the happy ending was that the Marvel heroes kill all of the religious people and that a religious woman has her head blown off mid-prayer. What were they even trying to do?? What did I even read, Comics Reporter? How was that the ending? It’s such a weird comic book. And comic fans make it stranger because most of them seem to think a one-panel Obama cameo is the only politically charged material in the book. People don’t think mainstream comics might mean things! People think mainstream comic creators are brainless fanboys just because mainstream comic fans are brainless fanboys. It’s a bizarre culture.

This post on crossover events is pretty interesting, but worth reading more because every Big Clever Comics Name Blogger shows up in the comments, which get very interesting…

James Graham has a good post on the need for a ‘new new atheism‘ – something more than just Richard Dawkins’ “If you believe in god, you’re a bastard”. I don’t agree with all of this, but there’s a lot of sense in there.

Cosmic Variance
, inspired by the new film Benjamin Button, explains why you can’t have part of the universe where time goes backwards.

And there’s a petition here to decriminalise prostitution. I think that prostitution is undoubtedly a bad thing, both for the individuals involved and society as a whole, in the vast majority of cases. But I also think that criminalisation causes far more problems than it cures, and as long as people are going to turn to prostitution as a source of income, the priority should not be punishing them but ensuring they are safe and healthy.

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