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Linkblogging for 31/01/09

Apologies for the lack of posts recently – I’ve been helping out with the local council byelection (we gained votes from both Labour and the Tories, even though the Tories did their hardest campaigning in years in this ward) and … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 27/01/09

Sorry about being a bit light on content today – I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow… Caleb at Every Day Is Like Wednesday writes about pornography. Alix at the People’s Republic Of Mortimer shows how not to write … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 26/01/09

A quick one here, while I wait for my wife to get home from her friends’ (where she went straight after picking up my copy of The E-Space Trilogy from the post office and before dropping it off at home. … Continue reading

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Beyond Good And Evil Lies… Another Dimension

There are so many things going on in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D 2 that I don’t know where to start talking about it. Even more than the main Final Crisis this is a thematic sequel to Seven Soldiers, and … Continue reading

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A Big Finish A ‘Week’ 20: The Fires Of Vulcan

My definition of ‘week’ is getting quite elastic, isn’t it? Oh well, this is a series about a time traveller, after all… One of the things Big Finish have always done well that the TV series never did much of … Continue reading

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The Coroners And Justice Bill

If you live in Britain, it is vitally important that you contact your MP, before Monday, and ensure that they are going to vote against the Coroners and Justice Bill. Put simply, this bill allows ministers of the crown to, … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrat eCanvass – Web 0.2

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about how the party are using the web and e-campaigning to motivate the grassroots, so when I got an email today about how I could help in the local council by-election, I was interested … Continue reading

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