The old ones are the best…

I think we’re all in need of a little Christmas cheer right now (I certainly am, after spending the last few days trying to teach myself more Perl. There’s a reason why perl looks like comic characters swearing. Any language in which ”=~(‘(?{‘.(‘^[).)}’^’.)@@]]’).'”‘.(‘|.@[;*^’^’=@$)^]|’).’,$/})’) is actually a valid executable program has serious problems…) and so here’s my favourite stupid Christmas joke, from the pages of The Making Of The Goodies Disaster Movie…

The Cast List of White Christmas
Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Muss
Jess Likedy
Juan Sy
Hugh Sterno

Wendy Treetops-Glissen
Ann Chilled-Wren
Liz Anne
“Two Ears” Laybelle
Cindy Snow

Emma Dreaming
Arthur White
Chris Musswit
Avery Criss
Miss Carr
Dai Wright

Mayor Dazeby
Mary-Ann Bright
Anna-May Hall-York-Rhys
Mrs B White

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3 Responses to The old ones are the best…

  1. xian says:

    This was a delight. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Rachel K says:

    I’m dying of curiosity — what does a program like that do??

  3. Andrew Hickey says:

    Prints out my name (I think). I got it from an online ‘obfuscated Perl generator’.

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