Linkblogging for 14/12/2008

Liberal Conspiracy has been a bit more of a Labour mouthpiece than I like recently, but today there have been two very good posts, one by Laurie Penny on work and benefits, and one by my friend MatGB on Brian Coleman.

Mark Waid has a good post on the difference between writing for comics and for film.

Charlie Brooker writes about the sad death of Oliver Postgate.

Mark Dominus’ book Higher Order Perl, which apparently teaches you to write Perl as if it was Lisp, is now available for free download. I’m no fan of either Perl or Lisp, but the book still looks very interesting…

And Kevin Church has some great redesigns for graphic novels/trade collections of comics, which really show up the lack of imagination of most publishers in that market…

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  1. MatGB says:

    I need to write more at LC. People need to bug me into doing stuff and throw topics/links at me I think.

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