Some good news and a question

So today I received confirmation that I’ve got a place studying for a Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics at Exeter University (one of the better universities in the country). I’ll be doing it online, so I’ll still be working full-time.

But that starts in September, and I’d originally planned to do a Master’s in January. So that gives me nine months with more spare time than I thought I had. Some of that will be spent on stuff like teaching myself Perl (both for work and for the course) and being more politically active, but I’m going to *try* two other things, if I can.

One is to record a solo album, entirely by myself. I know absolutely no readers of this blog are remotely interested in my musical activities, but I would be very grateful if any of you know where I could find some MIDI patches containing *GOOD QUALITY* orchestral instrumental samples. I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable amount, but they’d have to be freely re-usable.

The other thing is to write a book. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while – and in fact I’ve got a half-written draft of a book on the Codex Alimentarius (a multi-national food regulating organisation) that I may finish up – but I’m interested if people reading this would actually buy a book if I wrote it (I figure that if people who are already interested enough in my writing to read this wouldn’t buy it, no-one would) and if so, what kind of book you’d be most interested in from me? Fiction? Non-fiction? And on what subject(s) ?

(Oh, and the Batman posts *are* coming – since the last issue and the most recent FC, they’ve turned into a hugemegamassive RIP/FC thing that’s taking some sorting out…)

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5 Responses to Some good news and a question

  1. Zak says:

    Congrats on what sounds like good news. You are correct that I do not care about your musical intentions, but that’s a big (but doable) project you’ve set for yourself so good luck.

    Looking forward to the Batman RIP post. Don’t let yourself get so broad that you never finish revising

  2. I really only read fiction, partly because the overwhelming majority of NF is so utterly styleless, but I think you could defo put yr brane to an SF book. Which I would read.

  3. Holly says:

    I’ll definitely still help you with the Codex book, if you still want to do it, by the way.

  4. MatGB says:

    Exeter University (one of the better universities in the country).

    Which given it’s where I studied, is really quite scary, how bad must the rest be?

    Still, congrats &c.

  5. TAD says:

    Yeah, go for the solo album! You should have Geoff guest on a couple tracks, though. His presence tends to improve things, I’ve noticed. :P

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