Linkblogging for 03/12/08

Sorry for the lack of content the last few days – still getting over the dreaded lurgy, and I’ve been unable to do anything much more intellectually taxing than stare at a blank wall and go ‘bleh’. Normal posts will resume some time over the next few days, and I *will* do those Batman posts I started talking about on Sunday.

(Incidentally, the search terms by which people are finding this blog get ever more disturbing. Someone came here yesterday looking for ‘Timmy Mallet adult fanfic’. I may have to go and wash myself…)

A very comics-oriented list of links today – most of the political things have died down since Obama was elected…

Tim O’Neill continues his very long look at The Death Of Superman and its context in the early-90s comic industry.

David at Vibrational Match is talking about Jack Kirby’s The Eternals so he can talk about Grant Morrison’s The Filth. Very much my kind of post.

That Christopher Bird still hasn’t been made Legion writer baffles me…

Richard Herring has a good blog post on Bill Hicks.

And Cosmic Variance have a post about projects to find Dyson spheres.

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