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Books You Should Read : Anathem

One of the better Xmas presents I got this year was Neal Stephenson’s latest novel, Anathem. I’m only around 500 pages into it (it’s 900 pages + long) but I can already enthusiastically recommend it as the best new book … Continue reading

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I Aten’t Dead

Just a quick note to let people know that I just got back to the UK after spending most of the last day travelling, hence the lack of response to comments to my most recent posts – I appreciate the … Continue reading

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Why I Am Not A Libertarian

Recently, there appears (and ‘appears’ is the word – it’s almost certainly an artefact of looking over a few blogs and reading more into tone than into content, but this is something that has been remarked on by people other … Continue reading

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The old ones are the best…

I think we’re all in need of a little Christmas cheer right now (I certainly am, after spending the last few days trying to teach myself more Perl. There’s a reason why perl looks like comic characters swearing. Any language … Continue reading

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He’s Known As Batman, With Robin The Boy Wonder By His Side…

I’m at a disadvantage with this post, because even though I am in the US at the moment, my comic shop isn’t. So everything I am writing right now could be completely contradicted by today’s issue of Batman, and I … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 22/12/08

The Mindless Ones are continuing the interblog circle jerk by interviewing pillock. Choice quote Kirby saved Marvel from drowning by pulling it out of the lake, the Seventies boys kept its heart beating, Claremont and Byrne took over when they … Continue reading

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On Luck

I’ve never been someone who made friends particularly easily – a combination of intense shyness and an utter inability to read social signals has seen to that. However, I do have some friends, and I am very lucky that they … Continue reading

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