(Totally spoiler-free) First thought on Batman 681

*Literally* my first thought in fact was “Morrison’s been reading Mindless Ones again”… I certainly don’t remember him doing the I Ching stuff before, though maybe I’ve forgotten it…

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3 Responses to (Totally spoiler-free) First thought on Batman 681

  1. rev'D says:

    My first thought was, “Did Grant Morrison just toss Bruce Wayne and his freshly-minted Moriarty over Reichenbach Falls?”

    Bruce even penned a final entry in the Black Casebook for the occasion…

  2. Duncan says:

    Hah, I did say that to Bob, but it’s more a feedback loop if anything – remember the character I-Ching was in the (largely execrable) Ra’s crossover.

  3. Alex S says:

    When the Invisibles come back from Revolutionary France, the first issue after that has an I Ching hexagram for the title – I think it’s something like 23: Things Fall Apart, but I’m not really au fait with the I Ching so I could have the specifics wrong.

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