Linkblogging for 26/11/08

So I did get ‘spoiled’ for Batman RIP (luckily, it sounds like the issue is still more than worth reading), so here’s a few (spoiler-free) links for you all…

Andrew Rilstone has an excellent defence of the BBC against the fascist Daily Mail. Part of Rilstone’s argument is that Jonathan Ross likes both Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby and therefore can’t be all bad – personally I entirely endorse that part of the argument, of course – but even discounting that, he puts the case against appeasement very straightforwardly. I don’t own a TV, but I have half a mind to buy a TV license anyway, just to make a point…

Fred Clark on the decline in US journalism because of irresponsible investors.

Alix at the People’s Republic Of Mortimer has a simply superb post on the ‘Baby P’ case, and in particular on how the same people who are calling for the reintroduction of capital punishment and other such barbarism would undoubtedly despise any child from that background who actually grew to adolescence.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this comic strip came true

And bobsy at the Mindless Ones does one last check of the I Ching to see who the Big Bad is in Batman before we get the comic over here tomorrow…

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  1. I sincerely doubt it is in fact possible to ‘spoil’ Batman #681, in honesty, Andrew.

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