Linkblogging for 24/11/08

Just a quick linkblog today, as I’ve got some important stuff to do in the remainder of the night…

Bobsy from the Mindless Ones continues to interview a cold, heartless, remorseless child-murderer.

Tucker Stone continues to review old issues of The Brave And The Bold.

Charlie Brooker appears to be living my life.

Laurie at Liberal Conspiracy has a fine post on Reclaim The Night and how men may also feel much the same way as women do about walking the streets alone. I’m usually in at least two minds about this kind of argument – it seems to me to sometimes deny the difference in experiences between groups with and without power. Having said that, Ms Penny’s feminist credentials are impeccable, and the article does ring true emotionally with this particular intimidating-looking straight white male who cringes whenever he goes past a gang of lads half his age… just be aware that I may just be linking to it because of my privilege or something…

And to finish with, another great post from the Mindless Ones, this time on Kraven

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    Ah, a proper name at last!

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