Plans For The Site

Now I have a little more free time again, I’m going to start trying to do things on a more regular cycle on this site. As a result, I’ve decided that I’m going to have several regular features that will happen the same time every week.
Saturdays will be Comics Day – expect a review of The Great Outdoor FIght tonight.
Sundays will be Albums You Should Own – I’ll look at a new album every week.
Tuesdays will be A Big Finish A Week.
The rest of the week will be Misc – usually linkblogging, but with political rants, or sciencey things, or extra comics posts thrown in.

This week, as well, I’m going to do two posts a day. As it’s the forty-fifth anniversary of Doctor Who, I’m going to do a series of posts called A Doctor A Day. Every day from tomorrow through to Saturday of next week, I’ll look at one story by one of the original TV Doctors, and use that to talk about Doctor Who. As a result I won’t be doing a Big Finish A Week this week – I know there’s been too much Who content on here recently already. The stories I’m going to look at are:
First Doctor – An Unearthly Child
Second Doctor – either The Invasion or The Tomb Of The Cybermen
Third Doctor – either The Invasion Of TimeThe Time Warrior or The Green Death
Fourth Doctor – The Destiny Of The Daleks
Fifth Doctor – The Five Doctors
Sixth Doctor – Timelash
Seventh Doctor – Remembrance Of The Daleks

This is *in addition* to the other posts I’ll be making, so those of you who aren’t interested in Who will still have more posts you *are* interested in than recently…

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5 Responses to Plans For The Site

  1. Holly says:

    Still haven’t thought of a name for the blog, though, have you? Tsk tsk.

  2. RAB says:

    You’ve always had my interest with the Who stuff — I’ve only ever listened to one Big Finish in my life, but I consider your reviews of same unmissable — so I’m definitely on board for reviews of the broadcast series.

    Now, I hate to be that guy…but your first choice for the Third Doctor seems to be mistitled. The Time Monster perhaps, or The Time Warrior? (Though the thought of Jon Pertwee running around Gallifrey claiming to be President is pleasingly odd.)

    A couple of your choices are surprising, while a couple of the others strike me as the perfect exemplars of their respective Doctor. So this will be particularly interesting…

  3. olsenbloom says:

    I’m an idiot – I always confuse those two because of the word Time in the title and the presence of Sontarans…

  4. olsenbloom says:

    And I’m guessing the ones that strike you as odd are the Bakers ? I’ve got reasons… more for Destiny than Timelash… but remember the Bakers are my two favourite Doctors – I’ve not chosen them purely to destroy them…

  5. RAB says:

    And I’m guessing the ones that strike you as odd are the Bakers ?

    Yes…and just the fact you say that persuades me you know what you’re doing. :-)

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