Linkblogging for 21/11/08

Just a quick update tonight as I just got back from John Leech’s fundraising dinner and I’m exhausted after all the hobnobbing with Barons and MPs and councillors and the like (some of whom even had a clue who I was). Some comics posting tomorrow (I’ve got half-written things about Cerebus, The Great Outdoor Fight and Aetheric Mechanics – I should be able to finish *one* of them…)

Fred Hembeck’s posted a truly surreal comic by Steve Skeates and Jim Aparo that I’m sure the Morrison fans among you will love.

This story illustrates both the failures in government IT projects and one of the many reasons I use GNU/Linux. It is absolutely irresponsible using Windows in a situation where people’s lives or health depend on it…

Lying In The Actuarial Gutters

Tucker Stone
continues a great series of reviews of old issues of Brave & Bold. I don’t know why I don’t link The Factual Opinion more, as a lot of the time it’s doing what I try to do…

And finally, something *may* be done about the evil scum who collect debts – I’ve unfortunately had dealings with these people in the past, and not one debt collection firm with which I’ve dealt has ever kept to the laws that already exist…

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3 Responses to Linkblogging for 21/11/08

  1. Dave Page says:

    Bah, I meant to come to the dinner this evening but was so late to work this morning I couldn’t escape in time. One day we’ll both be at a Lib Dem thing at the same time!

  2. Tucker Stone says:

    Thanks for the link, but you’re being far, far too kind!

  3. Dave – it wasn’t that much fun, to be honest – lots of speeches about how great Obama’s win was for the Liberal Democrats and not much else. It was worth it for me because I live in walking distance from the venue, and it was good to see people like Lev and Mary again, but you didn’t miss anything epochal…

    Tucker, I’m not being too kind. Your comics criticism is some of the best I’ve read, the Virgin Read thing is actually something I tried a couple of times myself with my own wife, and you integrate things like the music column and the Economist vs Idiot thing very well into the overall feel of the site. It’s definitely the same kind of thing I’m *trying* to do, but yours is the beter site…

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