Linkblogging for 18/11/08

Sorry I’ve not posted much for a couple of weeks. I’ve had various bits of life-related bits to attend to, and some work stress (can’t talk about that publicly, but I will say “Jacques De Molay, thou art avenged!” as a very subtle hint…)
Anyway, got a comics post mostly written which will be up in the morning, and BFAW tomorrow night, but for now, here’s some links. And if I go a day without posting on here in future, please feel free to leave abusive comments calling me an idle tosser…

Alix at the People’s Republic Of Mortimer has a great post about the Tories’ cargo cult tax policies.

Over at The Independent, they seem to think that… women don’t have ideas… or something? Apparently if Richard Dawkins, Malcolm Gladwell and Christopher Hitchens write ‘big idea books’ (though what the big idea is for at least two of those I don’t know, frankly – Dawkins is a third-rate thinker at best and Hitchens has let alcohol and a forty-year-old grudge against Bill Clinton ruin a once-sharp mind) they’re being typically male, whereas if Naomi Klein or Lisa Jardine or whoever do, then they’re ‘outliers’. Piffle, inspired by the increasingly-reactionary Germaine Greer, and dangerous piffle at that – though the article is so badly written one can’t tell if the writer is arguing for or against the proposition; or if she is merely, in the American ‘journalism’ style, laying out a bunch of quotes from random people with no coherent thought as to a larger context or argument behind those quotes.
Is it me or is the Independent getting really, really sloppy in recent weeks? I only read it online, but the writing’s getting almost as bad as the Guardian, and they appear to have sacked all their sub-editing staff…

Pillock has a really good post on post-Crisis DC Comics, one of many things I want to write about myself, soon…

The Mindless Ones
have a great post up on Edward Gorey

Fred Clark, having finished his several-year-long dissection of the first Left Behind book, now turns his eyes to the film version.

And another post from the People’s Republic of Mortimer to finish off, to remind everyone that the so-called ‘tax cut for the lowest paid’ that Brown was touting last week was actually the fudge he introduced to try to fix the problem he caused by *raising* taxes for the poor to cut them for the rich – and this ‘fix’ makes the poorest of the poor still worse off. Don’t let him get away with it.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging for 18/11/08

  1. Holly says:

    I actually know what’s been going on at your work, and I (am pretty sure I) know about “Jacques de Mornay…” and I still have no idea how this is a hint.

    Though I’m sure you could explain this to me in two and a half seconds and leave me going “Oh! That!”

  2. pillock says:

    It’s very similar to the oft-repeated “where’s the female Einstein”, isn’t it? I always tell people “her name is Emily Noether, and by the way your underwear is showing.”

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