What Comics Should I Write About?

You may have noticed that the ‘mostly comics’ in this blog’s title has been increasingly inaccurate recently, as I’ve not had anything to say about comics for a while. I’ve not read anything that *excited* me this year in the way I have in the last few years – with the exception of Morrison’s two big events, which I’m still trying to work out my responses to to a large extent. I’m going to wirte about Batman RIP when that’s wrapped up, and I’ll probably write some more about Final Crisis shortly, but it’s difficult to talk about these things when they’re unfinished. And I’m not going to write a review of my week’s comics purchases which goes something like :
“Low-Selling ‘Quirky’ DC Title – Why aren’t more people buying this? It’s relatively fun and workmanlike, and had a good joke in it. Next issue involves time travel!
Warren Ellis Avatar Series – This was better when it was called The Authority/Transmetropolitan (delete according to series). When are we going to see more Fell?
Godland – This is great! I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s great!
Trinity – This is relatively fun and workmanlike”
And so on.

So, what comics *should* I write about? Suggestions welcome. They don’t have to be new ones – I’m just as interested in writing about older ones as newer. If it’s something I’ve already got, I’ll write about it today. If not, I’ll write about it as soon as I can. If it’s something quite obscure, details of publisher etc would help (or a link to a torrent or something). It doesn’t have to be something great – or even good – but it does have to be interesting in some way…

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  1. Andrew Bonia says:

    Kubert’s Tor is kind of amazing. The draughtsmanship is somewhat unparallelled. I’m also enjoying Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods which is the only non-movie Indiana Jones property to ever successfully feel like Indiana Jones. I have no idea what’s out there right now that’s worthy of exegesis to this extent.

    You could try web comics. I recently became obsessed with trying to figure out the meaning behind Jenny Romanchuk’s Zombie Hunters.

  2. rev'D says:

    Carla Speed McNeil’s ‘Finder’. I’ve been a big booster for years, as has Ellis– it’s sci-fi as social novel. The opening chapters are a bit chunky, but once she gets into the swing of things (book two / book three) it’s unparalleled. Esp. considering she’s been doing the series as a one-woman show for twelve years now, writing, penciling, inking & publishing the whole thing herself.

    The instalments I recommend most highly are: vol. 3, ‘King of Cats’; vol. 5, ‘Dream Sequence’; and vol. 7, ‘The Rescuers’. (No link, sorry.)

    I came into the series w/ the trade for vol. 3, so I think it’s safe to say you can pick up at almost any point (though the learning curve can be fairly steep). ‘The Rescuers’ might be my absolute favorite, though I’m torn– the ambiguity in vol. 5 is so Morrisonian it still has me scratching my head…

  3. Zebtron A. Rama says:

    How about some of Sam Keith’s post-Maxx work. Zero Girl is remarkable. His most recent, “My Inner Bimbo,” is quite interesting as well.

  4. J Unit 1 says:

    I’m catching up on reading blogs and just got to this post. I think that Jonathan Hickman’s “Pax Romana” on Image has been, frankly, quite impressive.

    His initial offering, “Nightly News,” had a refreshing graphic-design literate art style that somehow manage to not only pack in a ton of information per page, but also *gasp* did a great job at telling a story. That said, the story it told was one that I think we’ve seen the trope of many times before, but Hickman’s take was quite worth the read.

    Pax Romana, on the other hand, has a lot of familiar ideas. Catholic Church conspiracies, time travel, etc… but I am downright impressed with how reasonable Hickman makes such a fantastic story seem and impressed with the risky move of having some pages just be straight-out transcriptions of “meetings” from the archives with no art. (While I appreciate this, I do have to admit, I wish there was some graphical representation of the characters as I do sometimes have to flip back to other pages to remember who is who, but I have a tendency to be horrible with character names so this may be an idiosyncratic complaint on my part). Anyway, I think this particular work is worthy of a Hickey exploration.

    All that said, I can’t wait to check out your take on Final Crisis when it wraps up. I’ve been floored by this series and have been surprised to actually enjoy a number of the X-over specials as well (Rage of the Red Lanterns…not so much, but the Rucka stuff has been solid [granted, I have a soft-spot for the crime bible idea and the Montoya])

    Oh, on a total side note, I’ve got a private music blog I would like to send you an invite to. I’ve enjoyed this blog for a long time (I rarely post…I think only now and back at the time of the Dark Knight review), but I feel I should give back if possible for the amount of enjoyment I’ve gained from reading this blog (and its past Countdown incarnation). Drop me an e-mail if you think you’d be game. [Right now we’re tossing around some hard to get Devo, some Devotchka, some Eugene Mirman (comedy) shortly, and a whole lot more]

    J-unit 1

  5. J Unit 1 says:

    I guess a link to Hickman’s site would have made some sense in the above post. Here we go: http://www.pronea.com/

    Oh, as with most things in comics, none of what he says about release dates should be taken too seriously unless it is an announcement that it is actually OUT.

  6. Alex M says:

    You could try checking out Ennis The Boys of you want something that’s ongoing. Brubaker’s Captain America is pretty damn essential right now

  7. drjon says:

    How about Mister X? Or Strangehaven? That doesn’t get the press it deserves.

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