Linkblogging for 09/10/08

Abhay reviews Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel’s The Alcoholic. If you’re interested in Care Bear ejaculate and how it relates to the international financial crisis, this is the comic review for you.

This is really interesting – it’s the first part of what appears to be a book-length meditation on the Jon-Benet Ramsay murder, but the thing that interests me about it is its comparison between the mindsets of North Manchester and the USA from a British ex-pat living in the US – living, as I do, in Manchester with a USian ex-pat wife, the parallels are interesting. Plus, it’s just well-written.

Alix at The People’s Republic Of Mortimer sums up my thoughts on the financial problems quite well – “Oh. So massive inflation will adversely affect the savings I don’t have, while a stupendously overdue correction in the credit market will bring crashing down the prices of houses that I currently can’t afford. Right. Gosh, that’s… awful.”
Of course, it is awful for those affected, but for those at the bottom (which until last month included myself and my wife – we’ve been lucky enough to have become marginally *more* secure in the last couple of months, which is a miracle in itself) the current problems might have an upside…

Eddie Campbell’s blog has been quite extraordinarily good recently – here’s a short piece he wrote about David Foster Wallace, and about narrative – “We take part in a greater or lesser story according to our imagination, and our mind’s ability to rise above the daily transactions of survival.”

And Amypoodle over at the Mindless Ones (part two of the interview coming soon, I promise) looks at Batman 680.

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