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Linkblogging and apologies

I’ve posted practically nothing for the last week, for which I apologise. Unfortunately, my wife came down with the ‘flu a few days ago, and then just as she was getting over it she kindly gave it to me, so … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 24/10/08

I *will* be joining in the conversation in that interview post tomorrow… I’ve just been rushed off my feet… Debi Linton writes about her experiences of ADD. That reminds me to link to something I meant to link to a … Continue reading

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A Big Finish A Week 12 – Medicinal Purposes

Robert Ross’ Medicinal Purposes is a story about which I am definitely in two minds. On the one hand, it’s definitely an above-average story for Big Finish; on the other it has many of the worst features of the new … Continue reading

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BFAW tomorrow

I’ll be reviewing Medicinal Purposes tomorrow. I’ve been exhausted for a couple of days and just not had the time to write. I’ve re-listened to this one, but not got the energy to write about it. I’ll also be taking … Continue reading

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Interblog Circle Jerk: The Second Coming

As some of you will remember, a couple of weeks back I was interviewed by the rather wonderful comic blog The Mindless Ones , and we’ve decided to follow that up with them coming over here and being interviewed by … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 17/10/08

For those who are interested, I’ve received part two of the Mindless Ones interview, which I’ll be posting here tomorrow (it’ll take a little formatting and I’m exhausted tonight). A part three may follow… In the meantime, a few links. … Continue reading

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A Big Finish A Week 11 – The Church And The Crown

One style of story that I am very glad Big Finish have revived is the ‘historical’. In the early days of Doctor Who the show was meant, at least in part, to be educational (or so the received wisdom about … Continue reading

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