Linkblogging For 29/09/08

Latest Big Finish A Week will be up tonight. I’m going to try to get more written this week than in the last couple of weeks, which have been busier than normal for me….

Liberal Conspiracy have a good article on why socialists should vote Lib Dem.

A Trout In The Milk has some thoughts on science fiction, ‘the singularity’ and techno-hubris.

Alan Moore explains again exactly why he hates the very idea of the Watchmen film, and why I for one won’t ever watch it.

Jog has an excellent-as-always review of Eddie Campbell’s The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard

And Cory Doctorow goes into great detail about Labour’s plans for ID cards and their awful treatment of immigrants. As someone married to an immigrant, this alone would be enough to make me vote Lib Dem rather than ever vote for these scumbags again, and everyone should support no2id. (I’m afraid I’m too much of an armchair supporter of them, but it’s one of the most important organisations in the UK today).

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  1. pillock says:

    Jog’s reviews have been even more great than they usually are, lately. There’s some real nifty prose in there.

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