Linkblogging for 21/09/08

A Big Finish A Week is running late again – my thoughts on Bang Bang A Boom will be up tomorrow evening. In the meantime, here’s more links:

Another All Star Superman review, this one at A Trout In The Milk.

Brad Hicks has a rather depressing post on the continued US economic problems.

Inform 7, the programming language I wrote about the other day, has been updated. I’ve spent the last few days playing with the new version, and even though I had to install an Ubuntu package on Debian it still seems (in the GNU/Linux version) notably more stable than the previous version, as well as having a few neat improvements. (That link takes you to the place to download binaries for WIndows and Mac OSX, Ubuntu and Fedora packages, and a GNU/Linux command line binary. If you’re using another distro, you’ll have to get the GUI as sources from sourceforge).

Scipio at the Absorbascon talks about what last week would have been like if it had been in comics. (“Oracle and the Calculator would have joined forces to purge the Anti-life Equation from Google Chrome.”)

And we have the first photo of a planet orbiting a Sun-like star

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