Linkblogging for 20/09/09

Most of these are from a while ago, as I’m still ploughing through a huge backlog of Stuff To Read…

Mark Steel thinks that bankers should bail themselves out. Quite right too.

Jon Morris, Marc Singer and Jog all have better reviews of All-Star Superman 12 than mine.

Pillock talks about reading and synaesthesia and other good stuff.

Go here if you’re USian to see how much your taxes would fall in an Obama presidency, despite McCain’s claims that Obama wants to raise everyone’s taxes…

Jog also has a very thoughtful review of The Boys which pretty much sums up my thoughts on it.

Fred Clark finally finishes his four-year-plus look at the first volume of Left Behind – only another ten or so books to go…

And a list of ‘things I like‘ on a powerpop blog I read, almost all of which are things I like as well.

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