Linkblogging for 11/09/08

Sorry I’ve not posted for a couple of days – life gets in the way sometimes. Proper update tonight.

Mark Steel has a fair and moderate solution to the one-off ‘windfall energy tax’ idea – “The government tells us it wouldn’t make sense to impose a one-off tax on the energy companies, as this would be a short-term measure that fails to address the long-term problem. And, to be fair, there’s a logic to this. So, a decent compromise that might get round this difficulty would be to impose a tax on the pigs EVERY year, or if that still didn’t sort it, every week – or maybe every 25 minutes.”

Christopher Bird is still making Magic cards about the US election.

Andrew Rilstone looks at news values.

Fred Clark talks about Sarah Palin and honesty.

And Jennie Rigg talks about some myths about Doctor Who fandom.

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