Linkblogging for 09/09/08

Not much here today – I’m still working through a backlog of feeds from my computer breaking:

Jennie Rigg writes briefly about the differences between being Liberal and Left and whether you can be both. I’m planning my own response to this in a day or two, so this is mostly for reference.

Chris Bird posts Forty reasons he will always love comics in pictorial form.

Fred Clark writes about Bearing false witness.

Big Finish have their first UNIT story available for free download – no idea if it’s any good or not, but probably worth a try.

And Andrew Rilstone writes about being sportsmanlike while somehow managing to avoid quoting Sport (The Odd Boy) by the Bonzo Dog Band – a temptation I wouldn’t have been able to resist.

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1 Response to Linkblogging for 09/09/08

  1. Persiflage_1 says:

    The UNIT series is a fabulous set of dramas. It definitely helps to have heard the first (short) one to understand the full length stories. And since it’s free…

    The BF team created some interesting and engaging characters for UNIT, and the third and fourth stories (in particular) are excellent. Nick Courtney reprises his role as the Brig with gusto, and the actors playing the leads (Cols Chaudhry, Dalton and Brimmicombe-Wood, and Lt Hoffman) are excellent. I just listened to the series for a second time last week and even though I knew what was going to happen, I was still gripped by the tension and drama!

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