Linkblogging for 07/09/08

As you will have noticed from the long post yesterday, my computer problems are now (pray God) over. The laptop I got just over a week ago broke within a few days, so I got another refurb as a replacement. In another case of fate playing silly buggers with me, this was the day after I made my post talking about how Free Software is now very usable for absolutely everyone and doesn’t give you the kind of problems that you had before, so *of course* the laptop turned out to have a soundcard that isn’t supported under GNU/Linux. I ended up having to recompile ALSA from source in order to get any sound on it at all and the headphones still don’t work and the sound is a bit tinny. So if you like Free Software, don’t buy a Toshiba Satellite.

On the other hand, whatever you like, you should buy the Davros boxset from Big Finish, especially if you’re one of those who come here for A Big Finish A Week. I just got mine in the post on Friday, and it’s fantastic. They’re currently on sale, which is why I’m linking them now, and so for forty quid you can get every post-Tom Baker Dalek TV show (Genesis of the Daleks, Destiny of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks), plus all their DVD special features (an entire disc of them in the case of Genesis) plus all three Big Finish Doctor Who audios featuring Davros, plus the four-part Big Finish non-Doctor series I, Davros, telling the life story of Davros before he met the Doctor, plus an exclusive Davros audio not on anything else and a documentary film about Davros.

For forty quid you get nearly ten hours of Doctor Who episodes, plus more than thirteen hours of audio adventure, plus God knows how much in terms of documentaries, deleted scenes, commentary and so on. If you ever got terrified as a five-year-old by Terry Molloy’s closed-over eyes and withered arm, this is for you. Highly recommended.

The Mindless Ones have yet another excellent post (I should just set up an RSS feed from them here, I link to them so often), this time amypoodle talking about Perry Bible Fellowship, the Mindless Ones’ own excellent single-panel feature Terminus and whether newspaper-strip type comics have to be funny.

It’s been a bad week for British comedy again, as not only did Geoffrey Perkins die, but also the great Ken Campbell, whose death I missed hearing about for a few days due to my lack of net access. I only saw Campbell live once, at a tribute to Robert Anton Wilson last year where he performed with Coldcut, Alan Moore and Bill Drummond. Again I’ll break my rule about embedding YouTube videos:

Campbell was one of those people whose influence vastly outweighed his public visibility, and comedy, theatre, science fiction and forteana would all be unrecognisable today without his work. Holly and I watched him on the Secret Policeman’s Ball DVD yesterday, ordering a midget (the great David Rappaport) to chain up a near-naked Sylvester McCoy, and I got a tiny bit tearful. But anyway – I was going to link to Mark Borkowski, who said all this rather better than I could.

Gavin Burrows
talks interestingly about hipsters and geeks (there’s a reason I never use the g word myself, even though I’d fit by most people’s standards – like he says, it’s defined by consumption).

Sadly, No! point out exactly who John McCain classes as rich – and who he doesn’t.

All that talk about copyright extensions being ‘for the artists’? The average performer is likely to get 50 cents (euro) per year out of it.

And something I never thought I’d see actually happen – Cliff RIchard has effectively outed himself and is calling for the Church to recognise gay marriage. Of course, if he hadn’t spent much of his career campaigning with the likes of Mary Whitehouse for a return to the Middle Ages, maybe they already would…

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