Linkblogging for 02/09/08

I was hoping to write a review of That Lucky Old Sun today, but my pre-ordered CD/DVD hasn’t arrived yet (other internet orders made in the last two weeks that haven’t arrived – Leonard Cohen tickets, a Doctor Who box set, and a bottle of melatonin tablets, all from different online shops. I’m beginning to think the people in one of the upstairs flats may have something to do with this…)

Bots’wana Beast over at the Mindless Ones has reviewed Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D, in a review he was nice enough to compare with mine, but his is better. I’m hoping to touch more on the themes from that comic later this week, as there’s a lot to say there…

A very different comic link – yesterday Dial B For Blog held a day of celebration for Gaspar Saladino, a legendary comic letterer. That link takes you to a list of participating sites (especially check out Todd Klein’s always insightful posts) while this is the start of Dial B’s own 24-hour, one-post-every-two-hours, celebration of Saladino’s work.

Stephen Fry has (oddly, for a Mac person) done a video wishing happy birthday to GNU. While I’m not an absolutist in my support of free software (I do, after all, work for a proprietary software company, and I also use a very small number of non-free apps at home – Gnome Inform7 because it’s a wonderful piece of free-as-in-beer software and maybe the nicest programming language (albeit specialised) I’ve ever come across , Scilab because it’s a standard program I need for my research, and unrar for opening cbr files (all of those are ‘open source’ and freely available, but not free software by the FSF’s definition) ) I do think the GNU project and Richard Stallman aren’t given nearly enough credit for their achievements.
In particular, I’ve made certain to always refer to GNU/Linux in writing, since I discovered that several computing students I work with, all of whom run ‘Linux’ , had no idea who’d written the compilers and other software they used every day.
(I’d disagree with the video in its recommendation of gNewSense as a distro to use if you’re interested in Free Software though. It won’t work on many new systems because some video card makers and similar keep their designs secret, making it nearly impossible to write a totally free OS for new hardware. If you’re new to Free Software, I’d go for Debian GNU/Linux, which has the tiny minimal programs you’ll need to run your hardware but is otherwise totally free, or Ubuntu, which is easier to install but in my limited experience slightly less stable.)

Andrew Rilstone reviews the last two episodes of the most recent series of nuWho. I’m very glad he did so, because Grant Morrison’s comments on how the story with Davros has parallels with his own Final Crisis even though they were conceived independently almost persuaded me to watch it.

Brad Hicks has two fascinating posts about McCain picking Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential nomination.

And RIP Don LaFontaine (for those of you who don’t know the name, you do know his voice. He’s the man who did the voiceover for pretty much every film trailer of the last 30 years).

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  1. Dave Page says:

    To be fair, video will work just fine with most computers with gNewSense – if you want uber-dooper accelerated 3D graphics, you’re probably out of luck, but for everyday desktop uses the free drivers are just fine.

    The main problem with gNewSense though is wireless cards, most of which require binary firmware which gNewSense does not consider free.

    It’s quite a polished distribution, and probably worth at least trying – it’s not going to break anything as a LiveCD after all. You might have trouble getting online with it though.

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