Linkblogging for 29/08/08

Hmph. Comics didn’t come out over here yesterday because of the Bank Holiday. I was looking forward to wearing 3D glasses on the bus home. Comic reviews tonight (and maybe more Beach Boys too).

In what little spare time I have, I play around with Inform 7, a programming language for creating text adventure games. Emily Short once again posts some interesting thoughts about using that language well…

Vote the Americawesome Party. A stegosaur with a cut-out guitar is much better than a donkey or elephant.

Bobsy at the Mindless Ones continues his use of the I Ching to divine the villain in the latest Batman storyline. (When did stories change from ‘lines’ to ‘arcs’, BTW? And are we ever going to have story-tangents?)

More on Morrison – a pretty good interview with him is up at IGN, while David at Vibrational Match continues his issue-by-issue look at The Filth, and Jog reviews the Superman comic I haven’t read yet.

Nice interview with Pierre Boulez here. I’ve always been meaning to get more into Boulez – I’ve got some of his piano works, but given he’s had a 60 year career, I really should have more…

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