Linkblogging For 26/08/08

And hello to the person who came here yesterday looking for “Nicola Bryant cleavage”. You didn’t find what you were looking for, but I hope you found what you needed.

But anyway…

(I really must update the blogroll on the side, soon. If I keep linking to someone but haven’t put them there, it’s because I’m lazy).

I feel uneasy linking this, because parts of it refer to quite sensitive experiences of the author’s, but Debi Linton has written a wonderful analysis of the problems inherent in the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Christopher Bird on Zeppelins as the solution to global warming.

If you’re a NatWest/Royal Bank Of Scotland customer (as I am) your personal details were probably sold on eBay. For thirty-five quid.

Bruce Schneier on why we need openness about security problems (such as all our bank details being sold for thirty-five quid on eBay).

George Monbiot on the famines ‘free trade’ agreements cause.

Brad Hicks on the Democratic Conference, the 1968 Democratic Conference (the one that essentially destroyed any kind of progressive political movement in the US right up to the present – thanks for that, 60s people) and Joe Hill.

And I don’t normally read Jonah Hex (not a fan of Palmiotti and Gray) but I’ll pick up anything drawn by J. H. Williams III, who’s posted a teaser for his guest issue on his blog. Williams is without a doubt the best artist working in comics, and this once again shows why.

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  1. I get loads of Google hits from people who are looking for animal sex.

    Debi’s post is excellent. I’ve just submitted it to the Carnival of Feminists.

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