Linkblogging for 24/08/08

Firstly, and obviously most importantly, the final round of voting for miss SB’s Very Prestigious (And Entirely Serious) Blog Of The Year Award is now open. As my wife was knocked out in the last round (and I didn’t make the shortlists, though I was nominated for best fandom blog… *sniff*… nobody likes me…) you should all go and vote for InnerBrat, because she deserves to win and because the poll needs to get more votes than Iain Dale’s Less Prestigious And More Ridiculous Similar Awards…

Via Lynne Featherstone , the Liberal Democrats have created a Facebook group for women who want their say in the party’s policies towards women. As I am not on Facebook (I do antisocial networking instead – I email random people and tell them to fuck off. Far more rewarding) and am not a woman, this is of no use to me directly, but as a high number of people reading this blog are politically-engaged women I thought I should pass it along.

Jog, as always, has good points about the latest issue of Grant Morrison’s Batman.

Homicides due to mental illness have been decreasing for more than 30 years, even as other homicides rise. Remember this next time you read a story in the news about ‘escaped mental patients’ or suchlike. Prejudice against people with mental illnesses is one of the few socially acceptable forms of prejudice for even ‘liberal’ people (the only more acceptable one I can think of is against transgender people, off the top of my head) and it stinks. (Via Bruce Schneier

Cosmic Variance talk about the use of complex numbers in scoring for the Olympics.

And for those of you for whom Flash is not a problem, there are previews of every track on That Lucky Old Sun at the USAToday site. No idea if these are full tracks or just clips…

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