I am a diver, a long-lined survivor

I’ve been lucky enough to get a needledrop of Brian Wilson’s That Lucky Old Sun (which is available on vinyl but no other format yet – I’d normally buy the vinyl, but the CD comes with a live DVD which will be the best way to experience this).

I’m absolutely *aching* to write a review of this, because it’s so good. I’m not going to until the CD/DVD comes out (I’m still going to do it as the last of a four-part series), but this is an album you need to run out and buy straight away.

And no-one who’s ever heard any of Brian’s solo records will believe this, but his voice sounds good. I mean, really good. Not good-for-Brian-considering. Just good. His voice hasn’t sounded this full and strong since at least 1972.

I am amazed, and astonished, and thankful, that someone who only a few years ago was dismissed by everyone as being a washed-up brain-damaged casualty whose best days were thirty years in the past has managed to… words can’t describe this… it’s like all the years between 1966 and 2004 have been cut out of time and replaced – this is the album that after Pet Sounds came out, you might have predicted he’d be making in 2008.

It’s not perfect – what is? – but it’s an album that until I saw him perform it live last year I would never have believed could ever happen, and it’s *even better on the record*.

(I’m going to post about Orange Crate Art later today or tomorrow – I’m posting about Master in an hour or two, just polishing that post – Smile 2004 next week, and I’ll review this the week after).

But this album… it’s like an artifact from another world. Wow.

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