Linkblogging for 17/08/08

Hello, Holly again.

Okay technically it’s past midnight, but these are definitely yesterday’s links. This time I was the one with the migraine. Better now.

Here are some things.

The lovely InnerBrat talks about Wonder Woman in a way that makes sense even to me!

From Mind Hacks, an intriguing perspective on schizophrenia… “from the inside”. Peter Chadwick, a trained psychologist who experienced a period of psychosis himself, found himself able to bridge the unfortunately enormous gulf between mental health professionals and mental health patients.

Yet another theme familiar to me from science-fiction might start to have real-world implications now: Psychologists are contemplating the effects that longer, more demanding missions to the Moon or even Mars might have on astronauts’ mental health. They outlined these challenges recently at the American Psychological Association’s 116th Annual Convention. I hope they called their presentation Brains in Space!

Junkfood Science highlights a string of spurious correlations in the news lately. Let us open our hymnals to page 23 and sing together… CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSALITY. And you can lie with statistics!

Okay, back to bed with me. Good night!

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