Linkblogging for 15/08/08

This might be my last post for a few days – I’m off to Oxford for my summer school and exam, and won’t be back home til Friday. I’d been hoping to write a backlog of posts that my wife could post in my absence, but I’ve been too busy this week with revision and preparation for my promotion at work.
I am taking my laptop down, so I may be able to get some stuff posted, but it depends if I can get Debian to play nicely with my wireless card (words cannot express my frustration with manufacturers who only release proprietary drivers for GNU/Linux…). You can either expect the next Big Finish Of The Week on Sunday, and occasional posts after that, or a huge chunk of posts coming at you from Friday onwards.

Anyway, linking:

Reading Bully’s blog today, I was surprised to find a post, not by everyone’s favourite stuffed bull, but rather his helper John. John is calling for San Diego Comic Con to get a proper policy in place for dealing with sexual harassment. The treatment of women in comics/genre fandom is still a disgrace, and it really has to stop.

XKCD explains computer security.

Abhay continues reviewing Secret Invasion, but the good bit of this is really his savage takedown of the questions fans ask at conventions. I’ve listened to a few of those “DC Nation podcasts” that are recordings of con panels, but I had to stop because otherwise I would have had to destroy the whole of humanity. Seriously, if you’ve got Grant Morrison sitting there and you can ask him any question you want – about writing techniques, comics theory, his ideas about the universe, any of a million other things – would you really ask “so are we going to see Batman in Final Crisis?”

In the US, Doctors will now be prescribing based on what patients can afford. I’ve heard libertarians and other fools put forward the fact that USian Doctors don’t take price into consideration while the NHS does as an argument against a national health service. EVERY health care decision takes cost into account – it’s just that the government probably has slightly deeper pockets than any individual…

Nice article on Grant Morrison’s Mister Miracle as an Afro-Futurist text

And And Vista’s security is even more fundamentally broken than anyone thought.

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