Linkblogging special – the best blog post ever?

I’m going to be posting quite lightly this week and next. I’m going away for a week on Friday, and I will have minimal net access til the Friday after. I’ve got an exam on Saturday, so revision is taking priority. However, over the next few days I’m hoping to write:

Two of a projected series of four posts on Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks,

A second post on Final Crisis

The next Big Finish A Week (probably Master).

These will be spaced out between now and Saturday 24th, when normal service will be resumed. My wife may also do some linkblogging for me next week as well.

But onto the linkblogging. Today’s is going to be a little different. I’ve been asked to name my favourite blog post of all time, and while I don’t normally do MeMes, I thought it as good an opportunity as any to go through some of my old favourites.

It’s actually quite difficult to find an individual blog post that I would consider ‘best’ – when thinking about these things I tend to think about post series. There’s Matt Rossi’s series of posts about Superman and Crisis On Infinite Earths at The Howling Curmudgeons – he’s more recently re-edited and rewritten these as a single post at The High Hat. Those posts (and the others in his blog, which is linked at the side) were some of the first things that convinced me that I was right to pay attention to comics and I probably should pay attention to blogging. Other comic-related blog posts I found fascinating were the posts about Seven Soldiers by Marc Singer and Jog.

Pretty much all of Andrew Rilstone’s posts could count too – I just went looking through his archives, and his entire Sceptic’s Guide To Richard Dawkins, his post on the laws criminalising ‘extreme pornography’, his tearing apart of Express articles… I don’t always agree with him (especially on religious matters) but he’s posted more genuinely interesting, good stuff than any three other people I can think of. His posts about Doctor Who, Dave Sim, Tolkien… all could go here.

Much of Brad Hicks’ stuff could go in the list too, especially under his ‘forbidden lore’ tag.

I really can’t think of a ‘best ever blog post’. The writers listed above have done so much between them, choosing just one post is impossible. I’m tempted to choose something stupid like Richard Herring’s Monkey Fucking post, because at the time it made me laugh more than anything ever before or since, but then I think about Andrew Rilstone’s posts in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s execution and think that maybe making up songs about monkey rape isn’t the height of achievement in the blogging world.

But I think in the end I have to choose Mark Steel writing about Karen Reissmann (technically a newspaper article, but it’s on his website and not on theirs). Everyone who has ever worked for the NHS trust in question knows that the only problem with what Steel says here is he doesn’t go nearly far enough…

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    Awesome — lots of reading here, I’ll get right on it!

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