Quick Question

Yes, I am posting a lot today. Sorry.
For those of you visiting here for my Doctor Who-related posts (about half of you come here for those, looking at the stats – the other half come here for posts about Batman. The political ranting you get for free), would you prefer me to do the Big Finish A Week posts in chronological order or to skip around a bit? I’m asking because I’m debating which one to review tomorrow. In some ways I’d like to do them all in order, but then you hit clumps of boring ones which would mean several weeks of me ranting about how tedious the whole alternate-universe story ‘arc’ was in the McGann ‘seasons’. On the other hand, some of the stories (the McGann ones again) make less than no sense when taken out of context…
I’m leaning towards doing them in random order, and probably discussing either Doctor Who And The Pirates, The Kingmaker or Davros tomorrow, but if anyone cares at all they should let me know.
(Indeed, if people want, I could start taking requests – if you want a particular story reviewed, ask for it in the comments the week before. Or would that be too much?)

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3 Responses to Quick Question

  1. Nea says:

    Do the Big Finish CDs in the order they appeal to you.

  2. Jennie says:

    Don’t do the Kingmaker too soon, for it is my favourite and I want to anticipate.

  3. olsenbloom says:

    OK. I’ll leave that one til much later ;)
    It’s one of my favourites too. In the Big Finishes, I tend to prefer Fifth and Sixth Doctor stories (with Peri/Erimem and Evelyn as my companions of choice) to Seventh or Eighth, and I prefer the historicals to the big epic space opera stuff, and the funnier stories to the darker ones. I’m also a sucker for stupid throwaway fan-pleasing references, so long as they *are* throwaway.

    Actually, it’s a shame we’ve never had a 5/6 multidoctor story without any of the others…

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