Linkblogging for 04/08/08

Welcome, people from the Big Finish LJ Community. My, there are a lot of you, aren’t there?
Warning – there’s an intemperate rant at the bottom of this page. I’m off work today with a bad stomach having eaten some dodgy fish, and I hate everybody.

Quick links for today:
Caleb looks at Paul Pope’s design notes for his take on Batman. Fascinating stuff.

A look at what the Large Hadron Collider will find. Hint – not a ginomous black hole that will kill us all. Probably.

Andrew Rilstone on the moment when he considers New Who finally ‘jumped the shark’. (I would put that moment some time in 2005 myself…)

Botswana Beast on multiplicity in recent-ish superhero comics – something I’m planning on looking at myself soonish.

David at Vibrational Match talks about the Grant Morrison comic The Filth.

And an example of bad wrongness – Carole Cadwalladr asks in the Observer “Are We All Tories Now?
No, Carole, ‘we’ are not. Unless, of course, by ‘we’ you mean NuLabour London media types who destroyed the Labour party by turning it into a second party of Thatcherism, all the while conning themselves into believing they were still radical and left-wing because they had gay friends and ate this marvellous organic hummus, it’s so much better than shop-bought stuff don’t you think?
There is a difference between a set of political ideas and a quick set of ‘lifestyle’ totems by which you can identify the members of your tribe. Cameron, whether Cadwalladr approves or not (and I can’t even tell given the blandness of the writing) has co-opted all the signifiers by which NewLabourites distanced themselves from the Tories once they stopped having different ideas.
Well, Carole, some of us never gave a flying fuck if politicians ate muesli, or rode a bicycle, or read the Guardian – some of us actually make political decisions based on what policies are being advocated and how well we think they will work in practice. Some of us place more stock in ideas than in what supermarket someone shops in.
Cadwalladr describes this changed Tory aesthetic as “the most audacious ideological landgrab in recent political history”, which shows a complete misunderstanding of what the word ‘ideological’ actually means. But then again, she also, despite being paid to write by an actual national newspaper for which people pay actual money, one which can afford to pay actual editors, still manages to misuse the phrase ‘beg the question’. This makes her rather less qualified to write in the English language than a cartoon dinosaur whose hobby is stomping on things.
No, Carole, ‘we’ are not all Tories. You may be – it sounds like you always were without realising it (although Cadwalladr seems to be trying for ambiguity in this, the assumption throughout the piece is that the reader is someone who considers these lifestyle signifiers important in some way). I, on the other hand, am conservative in many ways, but I will never, ever be a Tory. And you can stick that in your tofu and eat it.

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9 Responses to Linkblogging for 04/08/08

  1. Jennie says:

    That’s not an intemperate rant, that’s a perfectly sensible statement of truth.

    Please to be installing comment notification?

  2. olsenbloom says:

    Didn’t realise it was turned off (I’m new to wordpress). Also didn’t realise anyone could post without me approving the comment first (every other comment has needed approval)… all very odd. I’ll get on it.

  3. olsenbloom says:

    Gah. Just doublechecked. (as opposed to .org) don’t allow comment notification for commenters. I’d have to move to self-hosted (as opposed to using their hosting but my own domain) and I don’t have the time/cash right now (I’m planning to do that some time soonish… like Octoberish). Irritating – I honestly thought that would be turned on by default, not unavailable…

  4. olsenbloom says:

    (I suppose the best solution short term would be to subscribe to the RSS feed of the comments – it’s not like I get that many anyway. Sorry about that though).

  5. Jennie says:

    I think there’s a thing you can add. Mat would know more, though.

  6. MatGB says:

    Andrew’s right, you need self hosting for comment notification as they haven’t put the plugin live on the .com hosted version (which is really annoying). Same applies to the cross poster and similar.

    I think there’s a way of turning RSS feeds into emails, but then you have to really mess around—I’ll see if I can figure it out later.

  7. MatGB says:

    Right, I think I have a workaround using Feedburner, bit of a hassle and it needs testing by someone not using my account…
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  8. MatGB says:

    Oh, Andrew, first comment from someone normally needs approval, after that they should go straight through, doesn’t always work, and you can turn it off to let any comment through immediately if you prefer it (I do and the legalities are more clear).

  9. olsenbloom says:

    Thanks so much for doing that, Mat – testing it now.
    And I saw that about approvals later, when looking over the site to see if I could set up notification. I left it the way it is for now though – on my old blog I left comments unmoderated until one point when someone who objected (depending on his post) to my opinions on the terrible comic Countdown and/or to the very concept of criticism and/or to me being a ‘limey faggot’ started posting forty comments per post disparaging my writing, my appearance, my sexuality and my parentage.

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