Linkblogging for the last few days

Now I have something approximating a working computer again, I can get back to bloggery. I’ll be doing a proper update tonight, but for now here’s some links.

(Of course, I’ve lost the link for the big news, which is Gaiman doing a two-part Batman story. I just hope that doesn’t mean Morrison is leaving the title, though it probably does…)

Andrew Rilstone is writing about how bad the new Doctor Who is. Everything Rilstone writes is worth reading, and I agree with a lot of what he has to say about Newho.

A link to test your DNS vulnerability. For those who don’t know, a vulnerability was found recently in DNS, which is (in non-technical jargon) the way your computer and ISP knows which site a link is pointing to. That vulnerability affected every DNS server in the world, and essentially meant it was theoretically possible for you to type in and instead be pointed to , with no-one knowing. The test on this page will let you know if the servers used by your ISP are safe.

Can Meditation Slow HIV? sounds like an example of an interesting question to which the answer is no, but the article suggests otherwise.

Cosmic Variance on information conservation in black holes.

Chris at Funnybook Babylon has a theory about Identity Crisis.

Proper Actual Post tonight.

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  1. Chad Nevett says:

    It seems like Morrison will continue his run after O’Neil and Gaiman’s issues.

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