Yesterday’s Linkblogging

I’ll be posting about adaptations tonight, unless something more interesting to write about comes along, but in the meantime a few links. These were meant to go up last night, but I spent my blogging time waiting on the phone for my ISP as my net connection was down, then as soon as I got throgh to a human being the connection came back up.

Still, I was very glad when on the phone that my ISP/phone company (TalkTalk) has decided to get rid of their hold music (a muzaky version of Something In The Air by Thunderclap Newman), and replace it with poetry reading by the great Roger McGough. This made being on hold much less unpleasant.

Anyway, links:

Grant Morrison on Final Crisis 2. I really don’t understand the negative reactions to FC – it’s one of the best things I’ve read in recent years.

LONG Alan Moore interview – Not much here that’s news – the interview’s from a few years ago – but the interviewer actually asks about writing techniques and so on rather than just why he doesn’t like $film-based-on-his-work.

FICO, FICO un day. Fred Clark talks about the evils of credit scoring.

Liberal Conspiracy on the Green Party. I disagree with the idea that Lib Dem activists will be deserting the party en masse for the Greens – the party base has *always* been more progressive than the leadership, and despite the leadership being Orange Bookers they’re still the best option for real change.

Brad Hicks on why Phil Gramm is a bad scientist.

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