Linkblogging for 20/07/08 and hello

I’ve decided recently that I need to get a ‘proper blog’, rather than my separate LJ, comics blog and music blog. Part of the reason I’m doing this is that I think posting on multiple topics will allow me to post more regularly – splitting the posts between those various places has meant the traffic to each one has been fairly low, which in turn means that I’m not getting comments, which means I have less incentive to post, which means I post less, which means…

So I’ve got myself a wordpress blog, my own spiffy domain, and I’m going to get *something* posted every day, even if it’s only linkblogging, to give people a reason to check in every day.

For the first few days, this place is going to look a little shabby – Lots of things are set to the defaults, and the blogroll’s a mess – people who should be there aren’t, and some links are there a few times. Bear with me.

I’ll be writing a proper post tonight, but for now here’s some interesting links:

Scientific Blogging on Apoptosis:
This is actually very close to what a lot of people have been saying must happen for years – the redox cycle important in cancer and autoimmune diseases? Who’dathunkit?

A Short Interview With… Corn Mo:
Matt Whitby interviews the glam rock accordionist.

Pistol Packing Pacifist:
Fred Clark continues his look at The World’s Worst Books, this time analysing how the American ultra-right fundamentalists have come to the conclusion that peace is a bad thing.

Britain’s Next War Zone? Nigeria:
Jim Jay looks at the disgraceful way British foreign policy is impacting on Nigeria.

Making – Or Not Making – A Splash:
Scipio talks about splash pages.

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