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Linkblogging for 31/07/08

Comic reviews tonight. Italy seems to be worryingly close to fascism. When you have troops on the streets dealing with crime and an ‘immigrant problem’, that’s not a good thing… Lawyers, Guns and Money have an article which should be … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 30/07/08

XKCD has a cautionary tale. Power Pop Criminals is sharing a Japanese-only compilation from ten years ago. I’ve not had a chance to listen to it yet, but anything with Chewy Marble and The Mockers on it is at least … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight – Conservative, but also liberal, pacifist, fascist, nihilist…

It is far, far too hot today. As a result my brain has shut down and my fingers are typing this on autopilot, so forgive the overly-verbose prose style and higher than usual levels of sarcasm. I don’t intend to … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for the last few days

Now I have something approximating a working computer again, I can get back to bloggery. I’ll be doing a proper update tonight, but for now here’s some links. (Of course, I’ve lost the link for the big news, which is … Continue reading

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I did have a few posts planned for today (some linkblogging, a review of The Dark Knight, a couple of other bits). Unfortunately a pint-mug of coffee and the wiring of my laptop had other plans, and got together to … Continue reading

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Quick Question

Did Glamourpuss 2 actually come out this week like it was meant to? It wasn’t in my pull list, but my local comics shop do sometimes miss stuff, especially non-big-two things.

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Linkblogging for 24/07/08

No comics links today,, as such, as every comic blogger in the world is talking about Geek Glastonbury San Diego “Comic” Con (which seems more of a film/media event from the descriptions, but heigh ho). I’ll hopefully be posting reviews … Continue reading

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