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The Hyperposts

In August/September 2009 I wrote a very long series of posts which I titled ‘Hyperpost’, which were clustered around a whole group of ideas which the blogger Millennium Elephant referred to as ‘quantum comic dynamics’ – they were about parallel universes, and ‘imaginary stories’, and ‘canon’ and liberalism and quantum physics and a whole range of other things. It’s my longest sustained work, and while it’s nowhere near up to the quality I would like, I think it says… something.

Heavily revised and improved versions of these essays form the core of my book Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! – hardback, paperback, PDF, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), all other ebook formats

The posts are:
A prelude, where I talk about what counts and doesn’t count as Doctor Who canon.
Post one, on Doctor Who Unbound: Deadline.
Post two, on Melmoth by Dave Sim & Gerhard
Post three is a run through the concept of Hypertime in DC Comics
I then did a post 3a responding to comments up to that point
Post four was on Julian Barbour’s hypotheses of time, and how they work with a multiversal interpretation of quantum physics.
Post five was on the comic 52.
Post six was on Liberalism and Cybernetics.
Millennium Elephant did a response to post four, to which I in turn responded in post seven, on Doctor Who and the web of time.
Post eight was on Jack Kirby
Post nine was on postmodernism.
Pillock did a response to post three, which I in turn responded to in post ten, on Crisis On Infinite Earths. Pillock also did two posts on Star Wars which are tangentially related to these issues and worth reading.
And finally, and rather anticlimactically, the last post is a ‘what we’ve learned today’ thing.

Here’s a brief list of all the works cited in the posts, along with links to online versions where applicable:

Doctor Who: Unbound: Deadline by Rob Shearman, from Big Finish Productions.
Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow? by Alan Moore, Curt Swan, George Perez and Murphy Anderson, published by DC Comics
Melmoth (Cerebus vol 6) by Dave Sim & Gerhard, published by Aardvaark-Vanaheim
The Kingdom by Mark Waid and various artists, published by DC Comics
The Invisibles by Grant Morrison and various artists, published by DC Comics
52 by Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Keith Giffen and various artists, published by DC Comics.
The Diary Of Ralph Dibny by Al Ewing
Crisis On Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman, George Perez and others, published by DC Comics
Attack Of The Cybermen a Doctor Who serial available from BBC/2-entertain DVD
Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol 1-4 by Jack Kirby, published by DC Comics
Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison et al, published by DC Comics
Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges
Doctor Who: The Blue Angel by Paul Magrs and Jeremy Hoad, published by BBC Books, out of print

The Fabric Of Reality by David Deutsch
The End Of Time by Julian Barbour
An Introduction To Cybernetics by William Ross Ashby
On Liberty by John Stuart Mill
Programming The Universe by Seth Lloyd
Who Sent The Sentinels? by Andrew Rilstone

And if you want to investigate some of these ideas more, I did a hyperlinks post during the writing of this series.

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