Some one-line ideas

This is a really self-indulgent post.

When I want to write a short story and have no proper ideas, I force myself to sit down and write single-sentence story premises, as quickly as possible, without stopping until I either get to a hundred or come up with one that I think works. I then save those lists in case anything inspires me later.

However, many of the things on those lists are unusable, but some are sentences I like, so here’s a quick set of story ideas that will never be:

The last time anyone had sex
Antisocial networking – a game that is deliberately designed to destroy friendships
Two people engaged in an argument through billions of years. Their argument is headed towards a synthesis, and when it reaches one the universe will end.
A short story in a world all of whose details come from Conservapedia
A demon who gets everything wrong and keeps converting people to Christianity
Space opera for immortals, and humans join in without immortals realising it’s not a game for humans
All the world’s calcium turns to jelly
An elephant on the roof
Carry On Heinlein
Using a game of Scrabble to communicate with the undead
Homeopathic time travel – turn clocks back one second and go back in time a million years
Leonardo getting messages from the future, unable to decipher them.
The Googlewhack Killer
They built it on an old Amish graveyard!
Time travel advanced lesson – *not* travelling in time